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International Freedom Festival




The International Freedom Festival was a joint, annual, several days long celebration between Windsor and Detroit in late June that commemorated both Canada Day on July 1, and American Independence Day on July 4. The event drew up to 3.5 million people at its peak, and always culminated in a beautiful fireworks display over the Detroit River.

The event began in 1959, and for most of its existence it was sponsored by the J.L. Hudson Company. The festival consisted of various fairs, carnivals, concerts, and shows. In 2007, Windsor and Detroit decided to stop their collaboration, and the International Freedom Festival separated into two different manifestations – the Detroit Riverdays Festival, and the Windsor Summerfest.



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"International Freedom Festival"

Vinyl on  Aluminum

Vector Illustration

Christy Litster, 2017

Photo: Tyler Brownbridge, Windsor Star Files

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