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Exploring Windsor's history through the illustrations and paintings of Artist Christy Litster

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"Windsor Snapshots"

Windsor Snapshots was created by Christy Litster to highlight a few interesting people, places, things, and events that have shaped the history of The City of Windsor.

The mural is made up of both aluminum and plexiglass panels. The aluminum panels feature various digitally illustrated subjects. The plexiglass panels are portraits of prominent

Windsorites created using both digital illustration and hand painted elements which are painted in the reverse on the panel. This method of back painting gives the portraits a unique depth, as the drop shadow from the illustration on the front moves throughout the day as the sun makes it way across the sky.


Each image is marked with a letter which corresponds to the central timeline.  On this timeline, the viewer can learn about the illustrated subject and can also scan a QR code which links to a web page which has even more in-depth information . In this way, the mural is fully interactive and

educational. In addition to learning more about each subject, the viewer has the opportunity to download a black and white colouring page of each of the panels to print and colour

at home. We encourage the viewer to not only learn some new info on Windsor's history, but also become part of the art!

Meet Christy


Christy Litster is an award winning Artist and Illustrator. She has created multiple murals throughout Essex County. To find out more about Christy and view some of her other work and projects visit her website at: 

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